Originally serialized online from 2022-2023, Vivian's Ghost 

The story follows the intersecting lives of three trans teens, Collin, Vivian, and Andrew, and how the aftermath of their friendship haunts them years after Vivian's death — literally, in the form of his ghost, who won't stop following Collin around and singing misquoted Monty Python songs.

It's fucking things up for everyone. Collin's polycule is falling apart. Andrew, now Cathy, is a detrans tradwife making headlines for her infertility journey. And both of them are being pursued by New York Times journalist Leon Donegal, who's "just asking questions."

After Leon sets his sights on Vivian's story for his new book, the three former friends are forced to come to terms with their past and figure out how to move on for good.

Coming to print in September 2024.

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